About us

The Lomond Instruments Team

Colin Campbell Ph.D,  CEO


Highly successful executive career in a leading blue-chip multinational, being promoted to worldwide management levels; focus on developing new commercial operations and customer relationship management – sales, marketing and support; wide international experience having lived in 6 countries, led business teams and worked with customers in all major regions and countries; extensive experience of organisational change and people development; proven transferable skills developed in several industries, markets and business functions.


Dr. Gareth Williams, CTO


Having worked in leading academic institutions in the UK, Europe and Australia in partnership with several major International companies he has extensive experience in project planning and instrument prototype development to deliver complete solutions to customers. He is focussed on the commercialisation of scientific advances and exploring ideas for new applications.   Highly skilled in optical spectroscopy and fibre optics, specialising in the design of novel opto-mechanical and microfluidic systems.  Experience includes incorporating these technologies in areas ranging from protein detection to high pressure fluorescence, laser crystallisation and multiphoton systems.    He has PhD in chemical physics, awarded at Edinburgh University in collaboration with the highly prestigious Max Plank Institute in Germany, and is practised in scientific and technical writing, and in scientific extension, communicating complex ideas in an accessible way to wider audiences.


 Prof. Anita Jones, Scientific Advisor


Professor of Molecular Photophysics at The University of Edinburgh. Her research activities range from fundamental studies of molecular photophysics to the development of fluorescence-based techniques and instrumentation for industrial and bio-medical applications. She is particularly interested in the application of fluorescence methods to the study of biomolecular systems. She has over 100 publications in learned journals and over 100 conference contributions. She has a successful and continuous record of knowledge exchange with industry, external research organisations and public bodies. Her areas of expertise are: fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence detection and sensing, fluorescence imaging, photophysics, photochemistry, biophotonics, biophysical chemistry, microfluidics, optofluidics, photonic crystal fibres.